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first look at the all new Van Diemen Cine-Iscorama conversions

80mm front, Closer focus and positive locking, metric or imperial engravings

shipping soon.

Van Diemen 40mm 50mm 

Van Diemen 40mm DSP lenses

Finishing touches

Van Diemen 152mm DSP Macro

Canon - PL Universal mount

Super Baltars

Lens Projector

Van Diemen Cooke conversions

Anamorphic for 58mm screw-in

Suitable for use with Nikon or other prime lenses with screw-in attachments to provide a 1.5:1 squeeze factor

This set was especially made for Cinematographer Alan Doyle

Cooke Zoom lenses - Coming Soon

We are currently fully over hauling 3 Cooke 20-1 T3.1-T22 zoom lenses they will be available in PL mount or lens mounts of your choice.

Please call for further details.

Zeiss Distagon T ZF lenses

We have just completed modifications to a set of three lenses for Jim Bishop working in Kenya. 21mm 2.8, 28mm 2.8 35mm & 85mm and for the time being a 135mm Nikon pending the arrival of a larger focal length ziess ZF.

The lenses now have 80mm fronts focus drive gears and no click stops but a stiffer iris movement.

The lenses retain their Nikon mount.



Lens Conversion

We have a number of clients who would like to know more about Vandiemen wire form lens conversion mainly concerning Leica and Cooke lenses.

Should you have anything suitable please contact us directly or via the blog on our website. Any show reel information shot with these lenses would be appreciated.

We are also keen to know who now has some of the many lenses we have converted. We can ourselves supply historical information if requested. All lenses converted by Vandiemen Films are still supported.


One of our converted lenses:

Nano Flash Developments

Vandiemen’s 19” Rack Mount is now available as a field package for 3 nano Units. The unit will accept 12V input 240V input (110 volts) and using 240V has 100% redundancy built in.

Room has been left to fit a BNC Panel if required for easy inputting of data.

Fibre Optic Services

Vandiemen have expanded their fibre optic capabilities and are now equipped to terminate fibre optic cables. Paul Chapman has attended a Neutrik fibre optic termination course enabling us to access Neutrik terminations spaces and equipment.

Fibre Optic’s Accessories For Sale

Vandiemen have available from stock new and used SMPTE specification fibre optic cables and accessories available on our website and cables and connectors. if you don’t find what you require please call as not all equipment available is yet uploaded.

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